Welcome to the office of Dale Allen, D.M.D.

Welcome to the office of Dale Allen, D.M.D., a leading dental care practice located in Madison, Alabama. Our mission is for everyone in the office to provide optimal dental care while maintaining that one-on-one interaction with the patient at all times.

Dr. Allen and his staff care about you, as well as your dental needs, and they work together to provide personalized and thorough treatment. We are highly skilled and trained in several areas of dentistry, including preventative, general dentistry and  cosmetic dentistry.

Personalized and progressive dentistry with a commitment to excellence – that’s what you can expect from Dale Allen, D.M.D.



Preventative Care


To prohibit tooth decay and oral diseases, as well as to maintain a healthy smile, it is vital to keep up your preventative care, which includes professional cleanings and regular check-ups. Learn More about Preventative Care

Digital Imaging


We use high-resolution digital imaging to capture detailed images of your mouth. These digital X-rays provide crisp, clear images for more efficient diagnoses and treatment. Learn More about Digital Imaging